March 18, 2011

Mrs. Perigee Moon

From NASA: "Mark your calendar. On March 19th, a full Moon of rare size and beauty will rise in the east at sunset. It's a super "perigee moon"--the biggest in almost 20 years. 'The last full Moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March of 1993,' says Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC. 'I'd say it's worth a look.' "

I say, forget the Man in the Moon.  Here's my take on it (wax pencil on paper):
Mrs. Perigee or, the Old Woman in the Moon


  1. I love it. Did you know the Japanese see a rabbit pounding mochi (sweet, glutinous rice)? My son-in-law can't see the man in the moon or anything else for that matter. I think there is seriously something wrong with him, lol. Your old woman has a lot of character!

  2. Thanks! It's odd that when I was a child, I couldn't really see the Man in the Moon. Now? What a face!!

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  4. Love this piece....working on a moon today myself in celebration of this most wonderful occasion! Love the expression of your moon woman! :) New follow from IF!

  5. Joni: Thanks for the nice comment! I'm looking forward to seeing your version of the Perigee :)

  6. I love your Mrs. Perigee. Makes sense for it to be a woman when it's brighter!


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