March 14, 2011

Taddy Pole

People seem to love my little Taddy Pole (maybe it's those red rubber boots)!  He was a bit of a challenge to come up with, since all the tadpole reference photos I found were really not screaming "personality."  But, he was fun to concoct, non-the-less.  One of my favorite quotes is by Beatrix Potter:
          "A frog may wear galoshes; but I don’t hold with toads having beards or wigs!"
--Hence the inspiration for Taddy's boots.


  1. Oh, he's just too darling...I love his little mouth, too. The vibrant colors on the colored paper are perfect. Did you combine the two characters digitally or was Old Gran Frog drawn afterward?

  2. Sarah: Thanks for taking a peek at Taddy's humble genesis! Re: your question, I started with the concept of Old Gran. I painted her, then actually painted a fish in boots. Then changed course when a story started to form in my head and I got going on Taddy. I painted them separately, since I wasn't too sure how much character I could paint in to a tadpole (always the performance anxiety!)--and then digitally combined them.

  3. I just love your frogs, galoshes and all.

  4. He is totally gorgeous! would love to see more of him! ~Susanna


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