April 21, 2011

Doodling around...

A little watercolor, a little colored pencil...and the germ of an idea... 


  1. ok - this is so awesome...do come and share it here:


  2. So wonderful. I have always loved those tomato pincushions with their little strawberry sharpeners. Whoever started that tradition had a great whimsical sense. And you have taken it to the next level...such fun!

  3. Hello:
    Of course, it is the 'germ of the idea' which, executed with watercolour and crayon, gives this drawing its unique quality. Sadly, so many of us, and we include ourselves here, lack the original idea and do not have the talent in any case to carry it out. What partiularly appeals to us about the pin cushion is its very tactile nature.

    A very Happy Easter.


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