May 26, 2011

Sketchbook: Callow Fellows

I read recently that the etymology of the word "callow" is from the Old English word "calu," meaning "bald," or "featherless."
So, on a day I didn't feel like drawing hair...(although I suppose only a few of them really look to be "callow" in the usual sense of the word  ;)


  1. A lovely group of callow beings!

  2. Chrome dome alert! Or 'sloar panels' as my husband calls them! Suave!

  3. Hello Elizabeth:
    We have noticed that quite a number of your 'characters' are 'follicly challenged' as one might say and these poor callow and, we feel, sallow fellows look quite miserable about it all.

    Do you have an aversion to drawing hair? The beehive, bouffant look must, if this is the case, be a positive nightmare to you.

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

  4. Ha! I love these eggheads & their expressions-- great colors too. Are you by chance a Word A Day subscriber? I've occasionally used their words to spark sketch ideas...

  5. How many different characters!Great work:)

  6. You know, that wasn't what I thought callow meant at all--I guess I had thought it was more like someone slightly crass and unfeeling, likely to do something to hurt ones feelings, sortof blundering along....

    These are GREAT drawing! I really like the variety in them.


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