May 21, 2011



  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    A grim reaper indeed!

    But, it is nearly midnight and we are here [and so, happily, are you] and the Antipodes are already safe in their beds. Apocalypse not now, then!!

  2. I'm on Sunday here, so either I missed it or I got left behind :)

  3. Ooops! Must have been a miscalculation. LOL

  4. And I paid top Dollar to get into heaven.....
    Just kidding!
    They won't take me there anyway, no matter what!
    Love all your illustrations, your humor, your doubts. Being a painter(rarely these days) and a designer/decorator with similar issues, nobody looks at my stuff nor needs my services a lot.... HAHA! Times are bad for both, but I can't help it!
    Will be back, came via Jane and Lance Hattatt! I am so glad I did!

  5. Ah yes, one more prediction gone unfilled. The people who predict these tend to be Christians (maybe some other religions have doomsdayers too, I don't know) but Jesus said we won't know! So are they listening? I guess not. It's more important to be the important one who knows when the end is coming. Now we just have to wait till that Mayan calendar doomsday happens. I'm right on the edge of my seat here.

  6. Hello Elizabeth, I just discovered your blog, I like your work! I love this illustration, it's so funny! It made me laugh.


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