June 1, 2011

New Online Kid Lit Magazine!

Edward Gorey Challenge (image copyright 2011 Elizabeth Rose Stanton),words by Edward Gorey

Check out Underneath the Juniper Tree. Their first issue is up and running!
I had the great fun of participating in some of their challenges, and am flattered to have been included (pgs. 52,64,66,72).  Some darkly fun stuff!
The June issue:
Underneath the Juniper Tree blog:
Enjoy (if you dare ;))


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    We are so thrilled for you!!

    We have enjoyed having a look at the children's online magazine and thought your drawings totally magical. The magazine is certainly quite a scary read, but then children in our experience rather enjoy being frightened by things that they know cannot harm them.

    We regard Zillah as something of a cautionary character and, as a result, are resolved to cut back on the Gin and Tonics. We should not wish to end up looking like him.

    That aside, we do feel that in these very difficult times, you must feel so greatly encouraged to have this commission. It is no more than you deserve and may it bring you many more.

  2. Oh, dear! That is one hungover beastie!

    Great job - you lived up to the Edward Gorey challenge. :)

  3. There isn't enough gin in children's literature!
    love it

  4. This illustration, as well as your others in the magazine, are so well done and just the right amount of darkly funny!

  5. I'd definitely duck out of the way of that guy's breath. Very coll illo.

  6. What fun! Congratulations. I think I'll stay away from gin too :)

  7. haha, thats fab. You can literally smell that breath!!! arghhhhh:(

  8. rofl fabulous illo. I like how even his ears look hungover as for the bags and eyes - perfect! I think he needed more tonic with his gin ;)

  9. I almost fell of my bed laughing when I saw this. poor little guy who had to absorb all the bad breath :) awesome !!!


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