July 26, 2011

Party Dresses

copyright 2011 Elizabeth Rose Stanton, wax pencil, pen & ink on paper


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    These really do capture those dreadful [only in our view, we are sure] children's parties to which children are sent dressed up to the 'nines' by over enthusiastic, too adoring parents and where rivalry becomes the order of the day. Take the poor duckling here. How can she possibly compete with the fanciful piglet?!

  2. 'I've got longer legs than you!' (add intonation)
    'I don't care, I've got a ribbon bow. So.'

  3. Do I detect a bit of rivalry between piggy and birdie? I hope they will not come to blows.

  4. I love the very unhappy cat on the end:)

  5. “Do we really have tooo?”

    Mind you, piglet there, looks as if he’s finally gotten in way over his head, and just wishes tigger would crash into the picture and save him from his awkward dilemma there.

    Miss Tweety Pie, looks like such a right little snotty.

  6. Your work is just wonderful, I have enjoyed rambling through your blog.

  7. I like the cat at the end on the right - when I would dress my cats, they would look like that!

  8. Party dresses, party shoes and flower girl dresses worn forever until they wear out.

  9. Dear Elizabeth, this illustration is so amazing. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog one day after your lovely comment on TYT. I just think your work is very beautiful and the first thing I do on illustration friday is check your blog, which always puts a smile on my face. This is why I award you the "Sunshine Award 2011" http://tinyurl.com/4yjmuz7 .

    The rules:
    - Thank the person who gave you this award.
    - Write a post about it.
    - Answer to the questions below.
    - Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

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    10. Your favorite flower?

    Hugs, Susanna

  10. Hello Elizabeth,

    I love this illustration. You've captured the little animal's bodies so beautifully and the consternation they are feeling about their dresses are very evident on their faces! Perfect!

  11. I think, for a number of reasons, the kitten is my fave.

  12. Oh what fun! Love those dresses, but most of all, I love who's wearing them!

  13. I would really like to have the dress second from left. Such a cute illo :)

  14. Okay...cute doesn't even *begin* to cover it! When are you going to start your own children's clothing line...this would be a great way to advertise all of your adorable little garments!
    Unbelievably sweet!
    xo j~

  15. I love this. How large are most of these drawings you make?

  16. They are so cute!Perfect for a story:)

  17. All these dresses are just so lovely!

  18. I love this picture! Nicely done.


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