August 1, 2011

Some Scary Stuff: Rated PG

  A Wendigo is a creature out of Algonquin myth (Algonquins being North American native people) that is malevolent and said to be cannibalistic (move over, vampires and werewolves!).  When we were little, my dad used to tell us stories on hot summer nights--most often while gathered by a little fire we built on the lake shore--about the Wendigo, and how it would come gliding out of dark Canadian forests and abscond with unsuspecting campers. We were gleefully and utterly scared out of our wits. I have to say, however, that until I started reading up on it a little, I didn't know the cannibal part (thanks Dad, truly, for leaving that part out).  Anyway, this is one of those drawings that was in no way planned. Out it sprang!  I actually kind of scared myself a little with this one ;)  BUT I love to draw with graphite pencils and this little ditty is what my right brain conjured up for a Wendigo.  Also, can't decide if the creature-ette to its left is its buddy (do Wendigos have familiars?), or if it's going to eat him.
Drawing this made me think it might be fun to illustrate YA books.  I think a 12 year old could handle this.  What do you think?
Better keep your light on tonight!
copyright 2011 Elizabeth Rose Stanton, graphite on paper with a dollop of colored pencil


  1. Wendygo?!! Cripes. What a name for an unworldly thing such as this! It’s not ‘Mz Wendy Gore’ here I’m so afraid of, so much as it is the right hand drawer of that grey matter storage pod you balance on top of your neck every day. How’d you manage to nightmare that one up then ERS? Somebody stole your favourite crayons today then?? Eeeeeuwe.

    As for Wendy’s way too familiar little friend there – looks to me like ‘piglets’ finally checked over to ‘The Dark Side’. Sighhh. How sad. Always knew piglet was going to be biiiggggg baaddddd twubbbble one day.

    Twelve year olds? Naaa, shouldn't be a problem at all. They'll cult 'Wendyagogo' here up into kid planets next big thing. Show Wendygolly here to ‘Obsession Girly’ in your last post and you’ll see what I mean. She’ll want four…and right NOW!

    I’m off to hide on Pluto, till you nail up your next post then.

  2. Hello Elizabeth:
    A delighful story of tales around the camp fire on the shores of the lake. What a wonderful mental picture it all conjures up and how, as young children, we have the wish to be scared but, and this is probably true in most cases, only to a certain point.

    Your drawing of the Wendigo is most startling, not least on account of those, at first glance, dark and apparently socketless eyes, and the terrifying fang-like teeth. As small children we should be very alarmed, if not frightened, and even now, as adults, we find ourselves concerned for the fate of the little creature-ette(!!). Run! Run while you can.

  3. See little one, that's what sniffing cocaine will eventually do to you.

  4. It's about time Canadians got some respect, eh?

  5. An art blog! Yippee! Thanks for visiting Hen's Teeth. I'm following you in my real name from my solo blog, but we'll add you to the blogroll at Hen's Teeth, too.

    I love finding great quality new blogs and this one fills the bill very well, indeed!

    Nance (aka Loulou La Poule)

  6. a good way:) And your right, this would make a perfect illustration for a young adult book.

  7. Quite the scary creature... nicely shared.

  8. I'd very much like to think that the little creature is a buddy, if not a familiar.

    Are you Canadian, Elizabeth?

    (The brevity of my comment does not do justice to the myriad thoughts your words and image have inspired ...)

  9. Yikes! I don't want to be anywhere near this thing! I hope that little guy gets away safely or, could it be that he is the real Wendigo and we are afraid of the wrong creature?

  10. I once saw a old 1980's movie about a Wendigo, quite scary. I like your creepy drawing :)

  11. It's that fellow to the right that scares me - looks like a Wendigo in training. I'm sure they start them young, while they're still cute and all. The worst - he could sneak up on you with his eyes and cute snout...

    oh, I need a toasty marshmellow smore!

  12. Very Cool! You must see the Tim Burton show if you get the chance. I think as artist we should allow our selves to delve into the scary side from time to time, I just wouldn't want to stop and unpack my bags there.

  13. Scary! I've heared of Wendigo's before, but never really knew where they came from.

  14. I think most 12-year-olds would be o.k. with it. Kids need a bit of scary tales, toughens them up a bit!

  15. I like how your Wendigo has a little bling hanging from her forehead...or is that blood?! Maybe she's tired of the whole business of being scary and got herself a little pet and she's trying to figure out what to do now...she seems a little worn...or maybe it's just time for another meal and if she can't cannibalize anymore, what's she going to eat?? I hope it doesn't end up being her little creature-ette! :o
    xo J~

  16. Oh, you are so funny!

    I love illustrations - especially tending towards the children's book type. I mean,.... I love them. There has to be a connection to *something* - subconscious? childlike? a certain mood? humour? SOMEthing and I appreciate those who can take me through the magic portal to IT.

    I've found you through the blog of Jane and Lance Hattat and am a new follower.=]

  17. FANTASTIC! I think the buddy is lunch! That's what is going on in my warped mind anyway. Now I just need a few extra hours to read your entire blog!

    Nice to meet you. I come via Suze a Girl Wizard. Have a great weekend.


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