October 27, 2011

A Little Attention :)

I woke up this morning (still on vacation, 3 hour time change from home) to discover a nice little write up on the SCBWI (Western Washington) blog about my illustrations that are in the October issue of the scary children's literature magazine, Underneath the Juniper Tree.  Click Chinook Update to take a look.
my little witch illustration got a shout-out on UNJT's Facebook page.
She's gearing up for Hallowe'en ;)

copyright 2011 Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Am lovin' my vacation, but am looking forward to getting back to work :) :)
See you next week!!!


  1. I almost missed the hat!! eek!

  2. Hello Elizabeth:
    That girl has got attitude!! Even the hat bites!!!

    So pleased to hear that you are enjoying your holiday but we have missed you. How thrilling to have so many lovely mentions for your work. Halloween, the perfect time for all your scary sketches!!!

    Safe return!!

  3. Oh, I almost missed the hat bite! I thought it was a reference to the dangling skull!

  4. Great. Love it.
    Good news, too. :-)

    Lisa G.

  5. congratulations! well deserved : )

  6. Congrats! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  7. Love her facial expression. And congratulations!

  8. congratulations Elizabeth and very well deserved!!!! your work is amazing just like this little witchey-poo! (:

  9. Congrats on all the publicity! Well deserved! (Glad you are enjoying vacation.) Love her hat where can I get one?! LOL

  10. Hi Elizabeth

    Congratulations and how exciting to be exposed (so to speak)... Well deserved. Enjoy your vacation

  11. There is much to love about this little gal. Strangely, after surveying every 'crafty' little detail, I was most enchanted by those slender, mischievous fingers ...

  12. Congrats on your media attention. Well-deserved. UUgghh... spiders crawling about are so creepy. Happy Halloween.

  13. Congratulations, love that little witch!

  14. Ahahaha, the hat, so great! You can tell that this little witch knows 'what's what', and if you don't like it, she's gong to sic her hat on you! :)
    Many congratulations Elizabeth Rose, you deserve this honor and so much more!!
    Happy continued vacationing...
    xo J~

  15. Simply scary and smug! I love it. Congrats and enjoy your vacation!!

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Well done Elizabeth, that's great exposure! Love the expression on this girls face and the balance in this drawing is perfect.

  17. Oh she is adorable! I just discovered your blog, really like your bird illustrations!

  18. Congratulations on the recognition! =] I know that I shout about you to anyone in the world who will listen! =]

    She is so cute! Slightly pessimistic? A "Tom Slick" 'yay' for Halloween?!=]


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