June 4, 2015

Want a Penguin?

Everyone needs a penguin in a house coat. . . right? If you agree, then now's your chance! :)  Read on:

The American Booksellers for Free Expression's (ABFE) online auction of more than 50 works of art created by children's book illustrators (including yours truly) is open on eBay through Monday, June 8.

Proceeds from the auction support the Kids' Right to Read Project (KRRP) and Banned Books Week, the national celebration of the freedom to read. KRRP, which was founded by ABFE and the National Coalition Against Censorship, helps students, parents, teachers, librarians, and booksellers fight book censorship in schools and libraries.

So heeerrrr's Ms. Penguin!

It's an original, signed, pencil and watercolor on paper, and it can be yours.

Just pop on HERE and bid it up--it's a great cause! Oh, and please note that the scan they have on eBay is pretty rough. Much of the subtle detail has dropped out. The one here is not perfect, but more accurate :)

Thanks, everyone! Cheers!


  1. Love it!!!
    Do they still sell house coats? Wondering where one might get one...especially in Antarctica.....probably Amazon. They sell everything. ;)

  2. Teeheeheeheeeeeeee!!! She's deLIGHTful!!! Not only does she have a house coat. She has lovely house slippers as well. Awesome!!!

  3. It's hard to imagine why someone wouldn't want a penguin in a housecoat. Good luck with the auction!

    1. Thanks, Linda. It's a great cause! I just hope their scan of it doesn't scare people away :-O


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