August 8, 2011

Not-MY-Art, or Ridiculously Sublime

(My very first post featuring not-MY-art)
Recently, I was in a store that gives the shopper that "third-world-experience" kind of feeling--when I saw her.  I think it was the banana tail feathers that first caught my eye. I picked her up. Her dangly legs clacked away as I turned her every which way, marveling at the visual feast in my hands. The fruit chicken: the ultimate in kitchen kitsch and definitely campy, cheap, and undoubtedly made in China.  I almost bought her but was afraid TheArchitect might toss the two of us out. She would undoubtedly NOT be his idea of a
must-have for the modern kitchen. Oh, but I was so sorely tempted!
 I draw some pretty strange things sometimes, but I'm not sure even I could have thought her up.  Really...a chicken with strawberries for legs--sitting on her big old tomato of a duff?!  So's sublime!

AND, it gets better! She has a friend: Ol' Lemon Legs.
(and I'm still laughing)


  1. Ohhhhhhhh my! Reminds me of this horrible kitchen rug we once spotted in a similar kind of store. That airbrushed red-eyed ham-sandwich-with-legs was Pure E-vil, I'm sure of it! Nearly 15 years later, it still gives me nightmares.

  2. Oh cute, sitting there with their dangling chicken legs. Perhaps it would be accepted if you found the "right spot" in the kitchen for it. If the architect doesn't cook, he'd never see it.

    Chickens are fun. We used to have fun with those rubber plucked chickens in my dance classes.

  3. One of the advantages of a small kitchen and house - you're spared certain decorating urges...

  4. This is the kind of thing my grandmother might have loved. She collected roosters and had a great sense of fun.

    Bit sorry you didn't go ahead and bring it home just to see how the architect would have reacted. ;)

  5. but... but.. but you didn't buy them?????

  6. I think they're gorgeous!

    Musician (aka Beloved) says everybody is entitled to one piece of kitsch in their house or even room, mine is a tea cosy in the colours of a biscuit; why shouldn't you have a fruity chicken?

  7. Haha! These two are quite the imperfect pear. Oops. I mean pair. (I see there weren't any fruits of this kind tucked in.) Their feet are downright scary. I suppose it's true ... one person's kitsch is another person's treasure.

  8. so ridiculous…but charming in their own way

  9. Aaaaahhrg!

    Talk about weally weally howwid!!

    If you’d brought one of them home for me, it would have promptly gone straight back outside and placed on the driveway, just long enough for me to jump in my car and spend the next fifteen minutes driving back and forth all over it.

    “Ducks up the wall – fly home quickly - you have my complete and humble forgiveness!!”

  10. Your chicks are fabulous! And I love your thoughts - found you via Cathy Holton's blog.

  11. Greetings
    I like your
    work very much

  12. I am so cracking up! And I do think *you* of all people could have definitely come up with ladies as lovley as these two are...someone just beat you to it!
    Tooo cute...thanks for the much needed chuckle!!
    xo J~

  13. Hello Elizabeth. Ha! Fantastic! I particularly like the bananas for tail feathers. There was obviously a lot of right brain activity going on when someone came up with that idea! Sophie.

  14. As the owner of chickens...I adore these!

  15. Spectacular!
    Seem to emerge from a painting by Arcimboldo!
    Very fun!
    Thank you for your comment, you are always very friendly!
    good weekend

  16. Hilarious!!
    So bad, it's good!

  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhh! Wonderful.

  18. Oh, this is beautiful example of unlimited human ability of thinking........
    I mean there are no some brains :D

  19. Haha, thanks for sharing this! Made me laugh too:)

  20. Oh, but just to see the look on TheArchitects face....=D!

    My life is full of chickens - what a silly little world it is.


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