June 12, 2012

Z is for Hilarious

Hi All,
Please be sure and check out this trailer for the picture book, "Z is for Moose."  It is written by Kelly Bingham, and illustrated by the uber-talented Caldecott winner, Paul O. Zelinksy.
Most alphabet books are a dime a dozen, but I think you'll  find this one a fresh take on getting from A to Z in a laff-riot kind of way--and I guarantee you--it will delight and amuse anyone of any age!  I think the trailer is really well done (besides, I'm proud to report that yours truly had an infinitesimally small part in it--see the credits at the very end).
1.  Go get the book for your kid, grandkid, neighbor kid, nieces and nephews, yourself, etc.
2.  Be sure to watch the entire trailer (it's hilarious)...and be sure and check out the credits.
I expect a report  ;)
Your muttering* blog friend,
*this will make sense when you watch the trailer all the way through the credits :)
                          click here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP52OtZxPdg
Cover of "Z is for Moose" by Kelly Bingham, illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky


  1. Oh what fun, Elizabeth! I found the muttering very professional, not too overdone, subtle in a subdued sort of way, I congratulate you on a most excellent performance.
    The book looks pretty good too!! Love Moose.

  2. Muttering, eh? Twins expected in the family (#9&10 of the collected horde) - I will have to call dibs.

  3. Nice. Very nice! Joey - what you doin'? And you are such a good kind mutterer Lizzie!
    Wow. This has certainly gotten great reviews - from Kirkus to NYT Book Review. When buying a new book if it has a good Kirkus review, I will more than likely buy it. And so I guess I need to buy this book and I look forward to finding someone to give it to.

  4. Haha you made me smile, thank you for that :) Hope you are well - I love Zelinsky's work

  5. Hello Elizabeth:
    Wonderful. And a wonderfully unexpected and highly original end. Now, what does 'Z' stand for...?!!

  6. Enjoyed it. clap for muttering. How wonderful and funny.

    Lisa G.

  7. Funderful! Wabulous! You're a star! That was....Oh, my gosh....that was the most...oh, wow....charismatic muttering that I have ever, ever, EHver heard! I was riveted! yup. =]

  8. Haha what a great trailer! But that's only because of the professional muttering of course....

  9. Haha, so silly! Muttering is an important job! I am a big fan of the moose. Not as big a fan of that whole "how YOU doin'" thing (baby joey), but thumbs up on the rest!

  10. I showed it to my daughter and she said I should order the book. So that is the proof. Well done Elizabeth. Thumbs up.

  11. oh what a fun trailer! and i though you did a wonderful job in the yelling/muttering role :)
    i give it a F for Fabulous ...

  12. wht a beautiful trailer!
    great job! would def buy the book :D

  13. That was great! We're sold! Going to head on out to B&N on Saturday to see if we can track it down :-)

  14. Wow, talk about awesome trailer! thanks for sharing this Elizabeth..and wowza re: the credits! How fun..it looks to be a wacky and fun book! Hope things are super in your world!

  15. Hi Elizabeth!That was fantastic!I'm sure my daughter will enjoy a book like this so much. :D

    Have a beautiful day!

  16. ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!

    WAIT....there is too much to talk about here...first of all, the trailer is FABULOUS and that you had a role in this whole thing is splendid, just SPLENDID! I hope to one day have my hand in something creative that will reach many..wow, do I think BIG!

    AND THEN...when I saw a new follower that was a HEN....I JUST ROLLED IN LAUGHTER and delight that it was your darling HENNY! I just love her head-on portrait! teeeeeheeeee

    AND THEN.....you too are having problems with the mechanics of blogger???? OH DEAR ONE, I too was following you and what happened? I am going to check to make sure I am officially following you! I don't know how many times I have noticed people dropped off my list....

    WOW...are you having fun? I AM! I resigned from my teaching job and now I am in those scary waters of thinking, "OK, what now with the art and writing?" I have a plan, but to get started is a DAY AT A TIME affair...

    Wishing you more success and JOY in all of your endeavors and Henny is just the perfect ID photo!!!! she is hilarious.....Anita

  17. Hi Elizabeth

    thanks for dropping by my blog I thought I would reciprocate and Im glad I did such beautiful illustrations so lively I really like them a lot.
    If you wanted to join in the drawing challenge sometime we would love to have you participate.

    Its pretty relaxed you just join in the weeks you want to.

    Hope to see your blog more often

    Helen :)

  18. That must have been fun! And Maurice Sendak!! Wow!!

  19. Okay, I'm checking that book out right away. As a sometimes-substitute teacher, I love a captivating read-aloud picture book. So, what's the story on how you came to be a famous mutterer...and alongside such stars?! Such fun...


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