August 7, 2017


Greetings, friends!
Where has my blog-time gone?
Wellll . . .
since the first post on this blog in 2011 (not knowing where anything was going to lead) the Universe has bestowed on me a bunch of picture books:  two out, and two more on the way!
Between this and all the usual lifestuff and the other obligatory social media garbola we have to do, my poor little blog has taken a hit.

So it's wakey-wakey time for Penspaper Studio!

First up:
If any of you dear readers are aspiring to illustrate and/or write picture books, this may be your ticket:

It's such an honor to have been asked by the Highlights Foundation to be on the faculty for this event!
Besides yours truly, the faculty includes picture book awesomes Lori Nichols, Mike Curato, James Ransome . . . as well as art director Giueseppe Castellano and literary agent Adriana Dominguez   We will have fun building books, doodling around, and splashing around in the watercolor (not to mention good food and kidlit companionship)!

If you want to know anything more, feel free to ask me.
There's still time to register!


  1. Have a great time! I know YOU will BE the highlight of the event! ;)

  2. Ditto on Robin's comment :) I love seeing well-deserving people achieve successes. Wishing you many more!


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