August 28, 2011

Oh Teddy!

Poor, poor Teddy's in trouble AGAIN!
He is also appearing again on that darkly wonderful kidlit site, Underneath the Juniper Tree

copyright E. R. Stanton


  1. Suze,
    ....don't know if you come back and check for replies...but Miss Borden wants you to know that this one is the BEST, ever.

  2. WOOWOWOWOWW!!! THAT IS GREAT! I mean, the limmerick and the illustration! Poor Teddy! Excellent PROFESSIONAL! WEll, you are, I guess!!! Anita

  3. Poor Horace- may rotten Delores decay before she makes more compost.
    I love your drawing and you are so clever with words
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog
    Helen xx

  4. Poor Teddy really suffers, doesn't he? LOL

  5. we are a bunch of grave delores. all of us...

  6. Hello Elizabeth:
    If an axe is to be placed anywhere, then perhaps it should be directed at Delores!!

  7. grave delores is a bit of a character, no?
    One can only love her, really :)
    xo sandra

  8. hahaha, 'foaoarest', love the accent in the limerick read out loud. i feel for teddy the way he still looks baffled even though he's, well, dead.

  9. RIP, Teddy-- or rather don't-- please come back for more!

    And as for you, Dolores-- better watch your back!

  10. Lizzy Borden and her little axe?
    How very bloodthirsty of you.

  11. you may not know the story, of course, so here goes:

    Lizzie Borden with her axe
    gave her mother forty whacks.
    when she saw what she had done,
    gave her father forty-one.


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