September 1, 2011

September Issue!

September Issue UNJT !!
The September issue of Underneath the Juniper Tree is OUT.  If you haven't already, check out this literary journal dedicated to the fun and oh-so-dark side of children's literature. I have had a blast doing some illustrations for them!  Here's a little teaser:

copyright 2011 E.R.Stanton pen and ink on paper

Illustration for Mr. Jeebs and the Troll, written by B.B. Brown (page 63)
and you will also find appearances by Teddy (who is STILL in trouble) and the Wendigo :)


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    We are so pleased that we have looked at the September Issue in daylight for we should be terrified to view it after dark!! We are sure, however, that for children it is spot on.

    Today's illustration we find particularly horrifying. Just what had that nice cuddly rabbit done to attract the vice like grip of Mr Jeebs? And what awful misfortune will happen next to dear bunny? We shudder to think.

    The online book we found to be utterly fascinating and beautifully produced, not least on account of your own wonderful illustrations.

  2. I'm one of your fans whose knees buzz a bit with tremulation for some of your characters. (As for the Wendigo, perhaps at the sight of your character!)

  3. Thank you for the wonderfull link! And for your great illustration, I just love your work, but that poor bunny....

  4. Oh dear me, children are a lot tougher than they used to be?

    Or maybe not, the Brothers Grimm didn't exactly mind the sensibilities, did they. Lots of killing and maiming there too.

    You are a marvellous illustrator.

  5. Oh, poor, poor Mr Jeebs! Wonderful illustration!

  6. I think Mr Jeebs is just frightening on the outside. Beautiful work!

  7. Mr. Jebbs needs definitely some air....Good stuff, I like it!! ( I hope it is for a little bit older children than me!!) :D

  8. aha.. yup scary.. but awesome!!! amazing detail! I really wanna climb in there and get the wee rabbit!!!! hehe,.... look at all the wussy adults here!!!

  9. Hi Elizabeth... saw your work on "Underneath the Juniper Tree" and love it! Can't wait to see your finished sketchbook as well! Thanks again for the lovely comments on my blog!

  10. Oh I am sorry I am so late....the beginning of school has kept me behind! BRAVO DEAREST!!! YEAH!!!! And what a glorious illustration!!! Anita

  11. wow, beautiful.
    I just love it when children stories have some dark scary characters and situations, makes the story much more interesting :)

  12. Oh my... That exceedingly toothy mouth is just wide-open in song, right? A lullabye for a little bunny friend who has trouble sleeping when suspended by the throat?? Because otherwise I'd feel a bit anxious. *shiver*

  13. Oh, how proud I am that you are come far in your career to do this my dear. Truly, your work is so polished!!! My work is for fun, but lacking in such dimension...oh well, PRACTICE for this artist!!!!

    HAPPY DAY! Anita

  14. Brilliant!
    love your line work and tone :-)

  15. Gives me the jeeby weeby's just squinting at it from deep behind the sofa.

    They really do need to give their stuff an age scare warning - for everyone over the age of forty five.

    Great and imaginative artwork again E. Congrats on getting published in UTJT once more. Richly deserved as well.


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